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We’ve always been a family of foodies.

Cooking and entertaining is at the heart of our family, fuelled by love and tradition. We're for the love of cooking. For the love of trying different things. The love of fresh, healthy ingredients. And for the happiness that it brings to our friends and family. There's nothing else like it.

It used to be that the tandoori cooking experience was reserved for specialist restaurants and the amazing dishes concocted by expert chefs. Authentic Indian cuisine was an occasion. But we don't think that has to be the case any more.

Baba Clay Oven was established in 1997 and we've grown to become one of the largest producers of gas-certified tandoori ovens for the restaurant and catering trade across the world. And now, Baba Clay Oven brings the tandoori experience and its restaurant-quality food to you at home. 

Baba Clay Oven - our story

In the early-1980’s, our family opened a revolutionary Indian restaurant in central London, called Rasoi (which translates to 'kitchen'). Here we introduced the open glass kitchen experience to customers, showcasing the Tandoori chef cooking succulent meats and tasty naans in Tandoori ovens. 

In the mid-1980s, our family continued to spread the word of love across Europe and opened Ashoka, one of the first Indian restaurants in central Munich, West Germany. This was another opportunity to exhibit the open glass kitchen experience and introduce the immersive Indian dining experience to a new audience.

Our family then expanded the restaurant business into private catering for corporate clients, alongside other large-scale private functions in Europe.

It was following an enquiry from a customer who was keen to acquire a tandoor, which began our quest to build charcoal tandoors for commercial use. We sourced original materials and built a skilled manufacturing team in India. And with that Baba Clay Oven was born. 

Over time, our product range has grown considerably and we've obtained industry excellence with our commercial gas tandoors being officially certified in Europe, USA and Canada.

Today we bring you the domestic tandoor oven! Designed and built with our extensive knowledge and family passion you too can experience traditional, yet versatile tandoori cooking at home anywhere and anytime!

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