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The original outdoor tandoor for the home

Baba Clay Oven are proud to announce the release of the domestic tandoor, helping you make restaurant quality food at home.  

Designed for family and friends cooking together outside, it offers a versatile alternative to the traditional grill BBQ.

The domestic Baba Clay Oven serves up a variety of cuisines from traditional Indian Tandoori dishes and naans to pizza and slow cooked meats.


Enjoy delicious, healthy food

  • Savour the unique flavours of tandoori cooking and enjoy healthy, juicy, tasty food.

  • Cook succulent meats, fish and veggies with no need to add cooking fats.


Using the tandoor is easy

  1. Add charcoal to the tandoor and set alight.

  2. Prepare your food; marinate.

  3. Insert the skewers or other accessories into the tandoor and leave to cook.

  4. Control heat through the vent on the side allowing the flow of oxygen to stoke the flames.


A low maintenance outdoor option

  • Prepare the clay once before the first cook.

  • Allow to cool after use and dispose of charcoal.

  • Patch any occasional cracks that may naturally occur in the clay.


Multiple cooking techniques

  • Radiant heat from the pit; just like baking.

  • Direct heat from charcoal; to enable grilling.

  • Smoke cooking; unique flavours come from marinades dripping on to hot coals.

  • Hot clay walls; cook flat breads, naans and rotis by sticking them on the clay walls.

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