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Tandoors reborn

Master the art of authentic clay oven Indian cooking at home with the original outdoor tandoor.

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Domestic Tandoor

Tandoor Accessories

Commercial Tandoors

Why buy a Baba Clay Oven Tandoor?

If you go to any Indian restaurant, you are sure to find a Tandoor.  

These clay ovens are used for cooking all sorts of amazing foods from grilled meats and fish to delicious soft and fluffy naan bread.  

A Tandoor is a cylindrical clay pot used for cooking food. It is a cross between an oven that you would use at home and a BBQ. The difference being is that you heat up the tandoor using charcoal or wood. All traditional Tandoors are made from a clay base, which allows for retention of heat and allows cooking at high temperatures. It’s also one of the healthiest ways to cook! 

You can now bring restaurant quality food to your home with the Baba Clay Oven domestic charcoal Tandoor! 

  • Our Charcoal fired Clay ovens can heat up to very high temperatures (400c) and this makes them very good at cooking flat breads, such as Naans or Pizzas, as a high temperature is required to cook these breads quickly and therefore retain the moisture in the bread. 

  • The mix of cooking at high temperature, and the smoke which it creates from the drippings of meats and marinades used onto the burning charcoal in our clay oven tandoors, enhances and seals in the flavour when cooking your favourite meats or vegetables, this is what gives Tandoori cooking its unique smokey flavour. 

  • The shape of the tandoor clay oven is key and helps retain a high consistent temperature that adds a crispness to your food as well as that mouth-watering charred flavour without the need for lots of oil helping you cook tasty, succulent and healthier food. 

  • Tandoor's are energy efficient. Cooking with charcoal in a clay oven Tandoor is a very clean and energy efficient way to cook. A small amount of charcoal will cook far more in a tandoor than a traditional BBQ or fire pit as the heat is absorbed and then re-emitted by the clay oven. This is also beneficial for slow cooking without the need to constantly top up the charcoal. 

  • Baba Clay Oven are Tandoor specialists who supply commercial grade, gas certified and charcoal clay ovens to the restaurant and home cooking market. Our charcoal domestic tandoor ovens provide restaurant quality food to your home and garden. 

  • All our Baba clay ovens are handmade at our factory in New Delhi using authentic and traditional local clay, making our ovens the most robust and durable to high heat cooking. Although these are built to order at our factory in India and shipped to the UK, we retain a stock of clay ovens in the UK so delivery times are fast for our UK customers while stock lasts.  

  • Baba clay oven Tandoors use the highest quality restaurant grade and authentic, locally sourced materials for both our tandoor ovens and our tandoor accessories.  

We guarantee a cooking experience like no other.  

So get ready, there’s a new kind of BaBaQ!  

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Safety certifications

Our stainless steel gas-fired tandoors are CE Mark certified, ETL certified and NSF certified.

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